Omladinska razmjena “PBA – Ucinite prvi korak”


Partnership-building Activity

6-11 October 2015 | Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal

Youth Exchanges play an important role in the youth field and remain a cornerstone in the mobility programmes of the Eu Commission. The NA’s of BE FR and PT launch this PBA with a clear focus on creating partnerships & developing quality Youth Exchanges.

Second edition of this PBA. First one was in spring 2014 and was a real success, with 10 projects emerging and most of them applied in the following months. And partnerships are still going on and projects created.

• To create an opportunity to find good and reliable partners to make youth exchanges with
• To understand what is needed to plan a youth exchange of good quality
• To create a solid networks of contacts and partnerships
• To equip the youth workers with insight in their role as coach and support
• To experience the possibilities of local involvement
• To understand the impact and social change a youth exchange can have within the local community
Activity overview
For 40 participants: Youth workers and leaders or young people who can represent their group/structure interest and are ready to be actively involved in working on concrete application for future Youth Exchanges.
For more details about activity, venue and profile of participants: see document attached.
Participants from:
• Programme Countries
• Eastern Partnership Countries
• Western Balkans
• Russian Federation

Details :
Together with partnership building, we will experience the Portuguese culture, we will be living, eating, sleeping and working inside a small rural village (450 habitants) named Vila da Marmeleira. From August 2013 on, this village became the first ‘Rural Centre of Non Formal Education’ in Portugal … therefore you’ll be experiencing a double Non Formal Educational impact! The international evening is organized in small international groups together with 10 local Portuguese families. This training course is organized in close partnership the all the local stakeholders of the village Vila da Marmeleira (young people, families, associations, authority and companies). Be prepared to interact and discover … during an entire week you’ll be a ‘full habitant’ of the village!

Applicants from Partner Countries will be selected by BEFR National Agency in cooperation with the Regional SALTO Centres. Final selection of participants from these regions will be made on 24/07/2015. All costs for these participants are taken in charge.

Deadline for application: 19/06/2015
Pre-selection by agencies: 26/06/2015
Final selection: 24/07/2015

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